Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January 2012 - Audience Profile

Firstly I decided to ask my girlfriend Georgie about her preferences, as I know that she is the type of person to buy a magazine like this.
Georgie (17) lives in Leicestershire and goes to Lutterworth College where she studies Georgraphy, Art, Maths and Science in Society at A Level. Her favourite atists include My Chemical Romance, Evanescence and Queen. Though Georgie has a large range in her music taste you can tell that she is mainly into rock music. This is helpful because the audience for my magazine would have this taste too. In her spare time Georgie likes to hang out with friends, draw, listen to music and go to concerts. Georgie shops at places such as new look, voodoo and next as well as other shops in town. She usually wears simple clothes such as jeans and a tshirt and doesn't accesorise much but her shoes and coat are usually the main focus of her outfits. Voodoo is definately an alternative clothing store, Georgie likes this store because it is different and you can purchase more original clothes than in other stores. I could use this store to buy clothes to use on my model or at least get some ideas from the clothes sold in there. Georgie has a preference to comedy films and hates horrors. I would expect the audience to my magazine to like horror films, due to the dark look of the magazine and the music involved. For example Lacey Sturm and Evanescence were both used on the most recent Underworld film.

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