Monday, 30 January 2012

30th January 2012 - My Artist

My artist will be called Frankie Hall. She is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band 'The Apparitions'. Her band mates are Callum Way (lead guitarist), Taylor Smith (drummer) and Tori Longford (bassist).
Their first album was called 'Spectrum of Murder', from which they released singles 'Drowning in You' and 'Afraid'. The interview for my magazine is about the release of their second album 'Journey of Enigma' and the new single 'Running in Water'. I will also talk about their upcoming world tour.
Frankie is a 19 year old English graduate from the University of Durham, where she took English Literary Studies. The band had been gigging in pubs and clubs as part time work until they were signed by Eyeball Records in 2010.
Frankie was born in Nottingham and lived there until she moved to London when she was 14. In her spare time Frankie likes to read, go to concerts and write and compose music for the band. She is currently single and living in London. She is inspired by My Chemical Romance, Queen and Evanescence because she believes music should have a meaning.

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