Friday, 17 February 2012

Class Pitch

I think that overall my pitch went well, even though it was quite short I think I got across the purpose and style of my magazine. The first question was 'why is it aimed at teenage girls?', I hadn't explained this in my pitch but I was able to answer the question using information I had already given. The second question was 'how are you going to style your model?', I had been thinking a lot about costume but I hadn't including that into the pitch, that is something I could have improved. The third question was 'what colour scheme are you using?', I had put this into my pitch but I could've maybe focused on it more and made it more obvious that I wanted to use red, black and white. Stemming from that question I was asked why I wanted to use those colours, I could've added that into my pitch too. The next question was if i had any ideas what I was going to call the magazine. I had put this on to my pitch but I probably should have made it a main title so it would stand out. At the time I was going to call it 'Live It' but I have now changed it to 'Vamp'. I was then asked whether I thought there was a niche in the market for a rock magazine aimed at females. I thought this was a good question and was helpful to me as it was the whole reason behind making this magazine. I'm glad I got the fact over that my magazine would be mainly focused on females. I think I could have made it more obvious that I wasn't just focusing on girl bands or singers and that I would be looking into guitarists, bassists, etc. too.

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