Thursday, 23 February 2012

Self Assessment

  My magazine was analysed by Katie Ford and Purdey Nurse.
I was told that I should use more props within my pictures because it will add more interest and carry on the theme of the magazine. I should also add more pictures of other people for my contents page to make it more realistic. I was also told the panorama shot on the contents page worked well and looked good so I may try to take one of my own. Overall, I was told the pictures looked good and fit with the style of the magazine but I know that I need to redo them because of the lighting and poses. The sizing of the photos were appropriate  and I was told that I used overexposure well and that it fits well with my theme. I think I could use my setting better for my photos, but I think the lighting was okay and and the colours worked well. I think I used the rule of thirds well on the double page spread but I need to look at my photo placement on my front cover. I need to take more time over editing my pictures because the cropping was messy and rushed.
In terms of aesthetics, I was told I used the rule of thirds well and stuck to the conventions we had learnt well. I used a godo variety of fonts and text sizes but also kept a theme running through the magazine. I was told I should add one or two smaller image on to my contents, this will make it more realistic and add some variety. Both Katie and Purdey liked the masthead font, i will definately stick to this style. I was told to use three columns instead of two for my article to make it look more proffesional. In was also told that the clothing I used fit the style, though I didn't agree with that and I chose different clothing for the final shots. I need to add in the date and the price but I was told my article was well written and believable.

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