Thursday, 29 March 2012

FINAL Evaluation Activity 7

Looking back at your preliminary task (the school magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
In terms of Photoshop I have learnt that simple tweaks of colour and lighting can make a normal photo look more professional. Throughout the work I have done for media I have improved on photo editing, I now know to use the light adjusting tools and that I should experiment with it until I have the right look. I found that the convention for a lot of magazine photos is to use high contrast and a bright light on the face of the model. I have also learnt that the placing of texts and pictures on a page can make all the difference. I have learnt to take the rule of thirds into account, which is why the image of my model was placed slightly to the left of the magazine. One really good photo, placed and manipulated well can make your magazine look more realistic as well as having a good structure (Z or F model). I have also learnt that you will need to use more than two fonts usually, but they all need to tie together in some way. The rule of three colours works well as a theme, any more than that and it can look messy but this depends on the style of magazine.  I think, when making my final product, I organised my time quite well although I wasn’t always aware of what I should be adding to get a high grade.

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